Partner ACS 8.0 Processor

Partner ACS 8.0 Processor


Product Description

Partner ACS 8.0 Processor Features

Caller ID for analog stations
Network clock synchronization
Absent text messaging
Personalized station ringing
Integrated SMDI
SIP trunking with use of third party equipment
3920 Cordless Phone DECT 1.9 GHZ, 8 programmable buttons w/ 2 intercoms, up to 3 wireless repeaters and 6 programmable buttons, backwards compatibility with all Partner Releases, compatibility with Transtalk phones
Voicemail to E-mail for Windows XP
Upgradeable from R6 and R7 converting programming to R8.
Can be used in conjunction with backup card from R6 and R7 to restore to R8 to avoid reprogramming
Same Partner format with same maximum configuration
Provides 5 lines and 9 stations
Paging Port
Backup/Restore capability
Administration port
Dual line caller ID
2 PC Card slots
Direct connection of analog devices
Two contact-closure connections
Music-On-Hold port
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) port
Two power failure transfer ports

REFURBISHED, LIKE-NEW condition. Covered under a one-year warranty. Includes power cord, battery clip w/ batteries, and manual.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 6 in


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