Partner ACS 6 Processor

Partner ACS 6.0 Processor


Product Description

Partner ACS 6.0 Processor Features

3 line ports, 8 station ports
Dual-line Caller ID support
2 PC Card Slots for backup/restore, voice messaging PC cards, software upgrades, etc.
Direct connection of analog devices (answering machine, fax, etc)
Compatible with Partner Voice Messaging PC Cards, Partner Mail VS, Partner Messaging Release 1.0
Support of 1600 DSL module (contains up to 16 lines on one line jack)
Compatible with Computer Telephony Integration
100 programmable system speed dial numbers
Internal call forwarding and call follow
2 contact-closure connections
Music-On-Hold port
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) port
Built-in paging port
2 power failure transfer ports
T1 Module (Fractional T1). Enables use of fractional T1 with up to 16 voice lines.
DID Service Feature Operation (Requires T1 Module). Provides the capability for a DID number to be routed to a Partner extension or hunt group.
Cell Phone Connect (Requires T1 Module). Allows calls to a specific extension to be forwarded to a personal speed dial number outside of the Partner System
Remote Call Forward. Provides call forwarding without requiring the T1 module. This feature allows calls to a Partner telephone to be immediately forwarded to a personal speed dial number outside the Partner system.
Caller ID delivered to station when transferred from Auto Attendant. Delivers Caller ID information to a display telephone for any call that is connected directly or transferred from the Auto Attendant, ASA, or DXD.

REFURBISHED, LIKE-NEW condition. Covered under a one-year warranty. Includes power cord, battery clip w/ batteries, and manual.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 6 in


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