Nortel StarTalk Flash

Nortel StarTalk Flash Voicemail System



Product Description

Nortel StarTalk Flash Voicemail System

Latest release – Version 2.1
2 voice channels – 2 channels for answering incoming calls or access to the system. Can be expanded to 4 channels.
24 mailboxes – Can be expanded to 48 mailboxes using 4 channel upgrade
90 minutes storage – Can be expanded to 180 minutes message storage time using 4 channel upgrade
Automated Attendant – Plays a list of options to a caller through a voice prompt. Using the automated attendant, a caller can:
Reach any extension or mailbox in your company
Leave a message in a mailbox
Select an alternate language
Look for an extension or mailbox in the Company Directory
Open a personal mailbox as a mailbox owner
Mailboxes – Common features include recording primary and alternate personal greetings, password maintenance, recording a name in the company directory, set-up of off premise message notification, receiving and sending messages
Custom Call Routing (CCR) – Up to 2 CCR trees provide a single-digit access application allowing callers to use a series of voice prompts and call transfer options. Using CCR, a caller can:
Listen to the Home Menu and make a selection
Listen to pre-recorded Information Messages
Leave a message in a mailbox
Transfer to an extension

REFURBISHED, LIKE-NEW condition. Covered under a one-year warranty. Tested twice to ensure arrival in perfect, working order. Power supply included.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 14 x 6 in
Nortel StarTalk Flash

StarTalk Flash 2-Port, StarTalk Flash 4-Port


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